Jackie Jing-Yun Jau Lee

IMG_2008Ms. Lee was born in Taiwan, and studied in both her native country and U.S.A. After receiving her first degree in Commercial Product Design, she began her career as an automotive designer in Taiwan.

She later changed her concentration to fine arts, taking the degree of Master of Arts in Visual and Performing Arts from Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana U.S.A. in 1992. Jackie has worked as an artist ever since. Jackie has had several exhibitions, and has taught at schools of Art and privately.

Many of her works express her passionate interests: flamenco, tango dancing and bull fighting. There have all born fruit in an explosion of energy on canvas.

In contract, the surroundings of Ms. Lee’s rural Sai Kung studio has inspired reflection on a quieter side of Hong Kong life. These paintings, assured oils, watercolors and charcoals of oxen grazing, are strongly reminiscent of Zen painting.

Her abstract works are rich in color and form, and are striking in their energy and compositional clarity.